Are you a wizard at makeup hacks

Are you a wizard at makeup hacks

Get gorgeous in record time by learning some of the latest makeup hacks. Makeup and beauty products can be used in far too many ways to create the right kind of illusion and can come in handy in your overall beauty routine. Here are a few recommended ways to use your beauty products that can make you look striking even when you are pressed for time.

  1. Transform your eye pencil into a gel formula

Light the tip of your eye pencil. Hold your kohl pencil under the flame for about 15 seconds and allow it cool. The viscosity of the eye pencil will change and make it gel like making it smudgy in nature


  1. Smear white liner on your eyelid to make your eyeshadow pop 

Run a white eyeliner pencil all over the eyelid. The impervious texture of the line will intensify any eyeshadow that you apply over it and make it pop against your skin giving a dramatic, red carpet look.


  1. Use a spoon to draw a perfect winged liner

Keep the grip of the spoon against the corner of your eye and make a line going outwards. Then flip the spoon over and trace along the curved edge to create a perfectly winged eyeliner look. You must have a steady hand.


  1. Make a slanted hashtag at the outer corner of your eye to get a smoky eye effect

Draw a hashtag symbol at the outer end of each eye corner of your eyes and now blend it with a smudging brush outwards, at the other end of your liner.


  1. Use a spoon to avoid mascara marks on your eyelid

Angle the spoon such that it is covering your upper eye lid and then apply your mascara. The extra mascara which normally stains your upper lid would now only coat the back of the spoon instead of your skin.


  1. Dust some translucent powder on your mascara to make your eyes lashes fuller

The translucent powder that you flake over your mascara helps grip it in between the coats, giving a plumper look to your eye lashes.


  1. Dab some tissue on your lip colour for it to last longer

The tissue stamps in the colour and make it last longer on your lip without it losing its zing. Dust in some translucent powder to set the shade further on your lips.

  1. Do away with puffy eyes and dark circles by crafting a triangle with your concealer

Draw a triangular shape with the base of the triangle right under the lashline and the peak should point towards the cheek. This shape helps hide all spots and marks at the bottom as well at the sides of the eye and creates the illusion of a lifted face.


  1. Draw an ‘X’ on your upper lip for a perfect cupid’s bow

Perfect your cupid’s bow for a pouty appeal, the best way to do so is to make an ‘X’ at your cupid’s bow with a lip liner and then apply your lip colour in the same shade of the lip liner and fill up your lips for the perfect look.

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