Are you man enough for makeup?

Are you man enough for makeup?

Gender lines are blurring and how! To suggest that men are making a statement in the beauty space is not only a safe statement to make but it also depicts a phenomena that has changed the way we look at men so far. Men’s makeup is on an ascent and is redefining the whole meaning of ‘manhood’.

‘Metrosexual’ is the new word that men like to be associated with. A metrosexual man likes to conceal the dark circles under his eyes and his razor nicks with a concealer and is habitually using cleanser, toner and a moisturiser for his skin. Male vanity is the buzz word and it has gone way beyond just moisturiser, shaving foams and after shaves.

They are also indulging in stealth products, from concealers, foundations, brow pencils, ‘guyliners’ (eyeliners), manscara (mascara). Pigment powders and sun tone enhancers can give a man a well-tanned and sunburn look.

Makeup in men can be traced back to the days when the entire glam rock movement had burgeoned. The ‘70s and the ‘80s was the time when many the stellar rock musicians carried off the ‘man makeup’ with élan. Today makeup in men is making a comeback as men want to look and feel better about themselves.

Men’s Makeup tips

A neat shave and a clean skin is way to start before you begin your makeup regime. Wash your face with luke warm water and exfoliate. Give some time before you exfoliate as a freshly shaven skin can be an irritant.

Use a toner and pat on your skin in order to reinstate the natural pH level of your skin. Follow this up with moisturising your skin which could have a sunscreen property attached to it.

A concealer for the dark circles around the eyes. Since this is one of the understated product, men are most comfortable using it. Foundation is also gaining traction as it is used to hide pimples, blemishes, uneven spots on the skin. A water based foundation works better for men as they have big pores owing to their beard and moustache belt. Follow this up with a light and clear lip balm which would prevent the skin from sun exposure while keeping it supple and soft.

The guyliner or eyeliner look is a take from the rock stars and some Hollywood stars like Johnny Depp. Keep it subtle and apply it lightly. Manscara for men- use a few coats moderately on the eye lashes to compliment the liner.

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