Colour correction- your new makeup mantra

Colour correction- your new makeup mantra

The pigmented shades used in as the new colour correcting makeup is all set to be an integral part of your vanity bag! Canary yellow, warm orange and pistachio green are happy to guise all the imperfections of your complexion like the pastiness, redness, dullness and pigmentation.

These batch of beauty products are really hot and making the right noise and adding the right colour to your visage! The cardinal rule of colour correcting makeup is essentially appreciating the colour theory. There are some colours that offsets others and some others combine with one another to create the desired effect.

If you are unsure what colour to get, the colour wheel can come in handy. Complementary colours or opposite colours on the wheel cancel each one other out.

A warm orange can conceal hyperpigmentation and dark circles under the eye whereas a mauve can diminish ash tones and yellow can revive the skin and do away with the dullness of the skin.

Colour correctors has to be used judiciously-a tiny drop or two. The trick then is to blend it in well with a good blending brush, so that it doesn’t stand out and at the same time is able to create the required result.

They can come in the form of colour correcting fluids, sticks or even slender tubes.

Sometimes the colour correctors or tinted fluid can also be mixed with a moisturiser or even foundation to make it milder on the skin.

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