Different Types Of Eyeliners

Different Types Of Eyeliners

If you are just beginning to wear makeup, you may have noticed the many types and brands of eyeliners out there.

So today I will be writing about the different types/forms of eyeliners with their Pros and Cons which will help you pick the best one for that desired look as you should always pick your eyeliners depending on the look you want to achieve.

There are mainly 4 types of eyeliners out there!

LIQUID EYELINER– This is the most difficult liner to apply, as you really need a steady hand to put this one on.. so I recommend trying other types before using liquid liner.


Great for Arabic makeup, cat eyes, and dramatic looks.

Provides a well-defined, thin line which makes the eyelashes look thicker.


Very difficult to apply well.

Takes a steady hand and a lot of patience!

PENCIL EYELINER– This is the most commonly used liner as it is very easy to manage and control. Pencil eyeliners are just like any other pencil that you sharpen when needed. To apply, you simply “draw” on the line close to your lashline. Pencil eyeliners are best if you’re in a hurry: They’re the quickest to put on!


Very easy to control.

Comes in a wide range of colors.

Very common and easy to find in every brand of makeup.


Unless you sharpen really well, it does not provide a smooth-straight line.


This liner has been used more by professional makeup artists, but it is becoming more common. Cream eyeliners generally come in a pot that you can dip an angled brush, fine tip brush, or even a pencil eyeliner in to get the product out. It can even be used as a creamy base underneath eyeshadows. Gel liners give you a more glam look, are water-resistant, and allow more control over line thickness.

If you use a brush to apply, you will need a slightly steady hand as it is creamy and glides pretty easily. Since this liner takes a bit longer to dry, it is great for smudging along the lashline.


Very creamy and easy to smudge.

Great for smokey eyes.


Not as portable as a pencil eyeliner.


This is the fastest and easiest way to line your lashes. All you need is a stiff, angled brush or a pencil brush. To apply, simply dip your brush into the eyeshadow of your choice and “draw” or smudge along the upper or lower lashline. You CANNOT use this on your waterline- it will not stick, and it will really irritate your eyes.

Eyeshadow lining is great for a more subtle daytime look.


Multiple colors to choose from.

Easy to apply.


Cannot be used on the waterline.

Does not last as long as other eyeliners do.

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