So, we are just a week away from Diwali and the feel of festivity is already in the air. This season we want to keep the makeup clean, simple and sharp. That means, no glitters, no sparkle and very little shimmer. This Diwali we are keeping it matte.

The foundation is the star of this look and is what brings the entire look together. The goal here is to achieve a perfectly sculpted face through highlighting and contouring. I know I said matte however, the cheeks are an exception as you should add a touch of bronzer just under the cheek bone to further accentuate the sculpted look.

The eye shadow should  be a nude, with a dash of black eyeliner above your upper lash line in the Cat Eye style. Those of you with nice big eyes can afford to use the eyeliner on your lower lash line. However, if you have small eyes, I would recommend bringing the eyeliner from the outside to the middle of your lower lash line, then use a beige Kajal on your waterline to make your eyes pop. Another tip on making the eyes look brighter is to either wear colored contacts or a natural brown contact. Then of course use a lot of mascara and if preferred, fake lashes. The eyebrow should also be strong and sculpted which can be achieved by either using a brown brow pencil or by using an ashy-brown eyeshadow to shape it out.  The lips can be either a matte natural pink or peach.

Clothes and Hair:
This is the time of the year where there are fire hazards everywhere so I advise wearing something tailored and wearing your hair in an up-do, either a bun or a stylish plait.  Clothes should be tailored and sculpted.

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