Floral eyeliners: a fresh take

Floral eyeliners: a fresh take

Haven’t heard of this one? Well it is here and making a lot of noise! A trend that Indians can pull off quite well. Pretty floral patterns lining up the eyes brings out the perfect look and is sure to make heads turn. Here are some ways to achieve these as you get ready for that gala carnival or the beach vacation or even a theme party!

  1. In order to keep it understated, draw out a regular winged liner and at the tip of the wing one can branch out a few elegant blooms
  2. The other popular one is the ‘flower flick’ which can be supplemented to your feline flick or the flower designs are made in such a way that they totally substitutes it and is adorned in a shape of the liner.
  3. Another look is a combination look where the floral liner can be joined with a cut crease eye shadow, this will glam up the look
  4. Instead of flowers even long ivy and leaves can be drawn to give it a difference.
  5. A combination of pastel colours with neon to highlight some of it balances out the look. Don’t make it too bright or loud it would end up looking very jarring.

This look can really amp up your evening and bring in that freshness like nothing else. So beat the conventional liner look and go in for this to make a statement!

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Vidya Tikari

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