From office to party in no time

From office to party in no time

To transform a regular office look into a glamourous party one won’t take much time, contrary to what you may think. Go by the rules in the book and we are sure you will create the much desired effect in the party, despite a long hard working day.

  • Remove the excess oil from your face, you can either use a gentle cleanser with water or a toner if you are running out of time
  • Exfoliate before you go to work such that your skin has already gotten rid of the dead skin before the party begins
  • Use light makeup for the morning and touch it up later in the evening before the party begins
  • Primer and foundation is key. Invest in a light yet high end primer and makeup such that it lasts through the day and all you need to do is a touch up in the evening
  • Keep the eye makeup minimal when you are at work and right before the party spruce it up and add some mascara and liner to add to the drama
  • If your eyeshadow is bold keep your lip colour neutral and vice versa
  • Fake lashes helps you add quick charisma. It can instantly make your tired eyes look brighter and sexier. To prevent the eye from dulling down you can use optrex or any other eye freshener
  • Keep yourself hydrated through the day, especially when you are working to retain the youthful look even as the day goes by and you look fresh in the evening before the party

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