Get that summer glow

Get that summer glow

The sun is shinning down all bright on us and there is no way to shy away from it. Summer is here to stay for sometime and while it is here let’s make the best of it! For this season mattified is out and dewy is in. Bronze it up with élan and bring out your inner healthy glow. Here are a few easy steps to go by and you would surely have heads turning



  1. A dewy foundation: A reflecting and light formula is what you need to make your complexion look healthy from within and radiate. All pores and fine lines are also taken care of with it. To blend it in well use a blender sponge for a smooth and natural finish which will stay on for a long time.
  2. Brightener for under eyes: For youthful and bright eyes, this under eye brightener can really be the answer. It will light up your face and make you a few years younger!
  3. Go for a shimmer and matte bronzer: Begin by applying it on your cheekbones and forehead. A sun kissed glow is what you can expect using a matte bronzer. Apart from this it will also add a warm and fresh look to your face
  4. Apply powder highlighter where the sun falls directly: The susceptible areas are the cheekbones, on the bridge of the nose and the forehead. This creates an illusion of it being sun bathed, at the same time the powder would also prevent any meltdowns.
  5. Lock your look by a setting spray: A setting spray will keep your makeup in place and your skin will continue looking healthy and dewy emitting the summer glow.


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