Holographic Liners

Holographic Liners

Move over Amy Winehouse inspired winged liners or liners so sharp that they could cut you. The latest trend to hit town and that can be seen all over Instagram are the new Holographic Eyeliners. It’s the new Galactic/ unicorn liner technique that is sure to blow up to epic proportions.

Artists experimenting with this look, name Makeup Artists Pat McGrath and Vlada Haggerty as their inspiration. Post the release of the Dark Star006 by Pat McGrath that came with eye shadows and an eye gloss that had holographic glitter particles and the series of looks done by Haggerty using gold chrome liquid on lips and eyes sure made way for this inter galactic trend.

So how does one recreate this trend?

Well it’s not as hard as it looks. One, keep your eye shadow neutral. The holographic liner or sticker will be enough to create the drama. Secondly, make sure you are generous with your mascara to create full lashes.

Now one way to go about it is to use metallic or glitter eyeliners in gold, silver or opal that have finer glitter particles. A lot of times these liners will state that they have holographic glitter particles. Use these to create a wing how you normally would by layering the liners.

Another way that is now popular is to use holographic tape or stickers. Just cut the sticker into desired liner shape and stick it on to your eyelid. The use of holographic stickers cut in small triangles to resemble a shattered glass effect got our creative juices running.

If stickers are not yet your thing, you can try the Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Palette, which offers four shimmering shades. You could also try the Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow for a mermaid worthy holographic effect.

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