How to get those dreamy cat eyes

How to get those dreamy cat eyes

The cat eye look is making waves quite like the smoky eye one, the only difference is that the dreamy cat eye makeup can be achieved with much fewer steps. Celebrities across the world are going for this eye makeup.


Here’s how:

  1. Begin by curling your lashes, dabbing on a light layer of eye shadow primer or an oil free foundation from the lids to the brow. This helps prevent the colour from transferring
  2. Mildly, pull up your upper lid. Once the inner rim is visible, apply a few coats of black waterproof pencil. Repeat the same process on the inner rim of the lower lash line.
  3. Now use the same pencil to line the skin, right over the upper lash line. Fuse the colour into your lashes with an appropriate angled brush
  4. Lock the layer of colour by using a liquid liner. The liquid dries up and keeps the waterproof pencil colour in place. To get a seamless line, begin by making even dashes over the pencil line and them join them
  5. The next task is to create a winged liner edge, trace the upper lid crease while moving outwards. Once it comes to the bony part of the eye, mark the area with a dot of the liquid liner.
  6. The liquid liner pen has to now be used to drag the dot to the outer corner of the eye while thickening the line, on the go.
  7. When the liner dries up, pat in some cream coloured liquid eye shadow. Follow this up by using a mineral based version of the same, above the crease line as well as the inner corners. Complete the look with a few coats of mascara.

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