Huda Lashes

Huda Lashes

Ever since Huda Kattan- the key creator of Huda Beauty, along with her sisters, Alya and Mona Kattan launched the Huda Beauty Lash Collection, it has taken the beauty world by storm. It is one of the top selling beauty items today with record breaking sales from the world over.

Huda beauty products are incomplete without their quintessential lash collection. Here are the ones that top the charts:-

Giselle#1- These gorgeous lashes are made up of natural fibres and are light weight and make for a super natural and assuredly comfortable to carry it all day long

Alyssa#2– Donned by Kardashian West herself, Huda Beauty’s ‘Alyssa’ lashes help create a customized look – adding that pep needed for a natural or done up look.

Monique#3- These lashes are long and delicate with volume that is underplayed. It creates a feline shape and really makes for luring eyes

Coco Jo#4- This accentuates volume and is quite dense in nature. It helps cover up sparse areas without making it very look too unwieldy

Candy #5- These dramatic lashes are sure to get you compliments! They are lightweight, comfortable to wear and can also be layered with different styles or even worn as is.

Claudia #6- They are synthetic in nature and add density to thin lashes. Once worn they look very real and authentic.

Scarlett#8- This lash can be noticed from a mile away. They are all about drama and allure with one single lash. It is good for all eye types.

Mink lash Naomi– This one’s christened after fashion diva, Naomi Campbell. It’s for the contemporary woman. This lash gives definition to your eyes and lends instant radiance

Mink lash Marilyn-Very inviting and seductive quite like the iconic Marilyn Monroe herself. With some coats of mascara on it, you can become a show stopper.

Mink lash Audrey– Mink lash Audrey spells out ageless and timeless elegance much like it’s fêted style icon-Audrey Hepburn. This lash creates a graceful and a classy look for any occasion

The celebrated makeup artist Vidya Tikari talks about Huda lashes and say Since Huda has come into the market, there’s hardly any bride or celebrity that hasn’t taken on these fab fakes!! It adds so much oomph factor to eye makeup.

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