Let the lash wand cast magic

Let the lash wand cast magic

Every mascara out there in the market is out to beat each other. Each one stands a chance to create that perfect look. But what is more vital than the composition of the formula is the different kind of lash wands or brush heads. This can make a huge difference in the look. The shape, size and the bristles of any lash wand is decisive in making your lashes look the way it does. Here’s a quick look at some of the lash wands with their different kinds of brush heads

  1. Dual sided wand- This lash wand can be summed up as one that gives you the best of both the worlds. This wand has a brush side and a comb side. The brush side allows you to apply the formula and mascara with ease while the comb end helps you revisit the lashes later and separate them out by getting rid of clumps if any and comb each lash separately.
  2. Synthetic lash wand- This type of wand soaks less formula. The curvy shape and comb-like bristles hold the ideal amount of mascara to coat every lash evenly. This also helps getting longer and shapely looking lashes.
  3. Lash wand detailer- The bottom lashes are always troublesome to layer up. However with this type of a wand which is characterised by a ball shaped detailer can be used to pack in formula on to the bottom lashes with ease. It is also convenient for both outer and inner lashes that are typically difficult to access. It creates a semblance of a falsie and makes the eye look much bigger.
  4. Fat lash wand- This one has a colossal brush which helps create thick and bold lashes for those who want voluminous and dramatic looking lashes.
  5. Skinny lash wand- This is a combination of a curved and thin wand. This helps create a curvature in the lashes without actually using a traditional lash curler and the skinny brush separates out each lash hair and lends an elongated look to the lashes.
  6. Shape changer wand- This is a two in one brush and can create two types of looks (i) a mellow ‘day look’ this is done by twisting the top of the brush and extending it in such a way that it transforms into something more favourable in adding length and definition. (ii) a dramatic ‘night look’ this adds to full, thick lashes, wherein you brush on the formula with the brush as it is. The trick lies in twisting the cap which helps you get the desired look that you are aiming for.

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