Makeup tips for Baisakhi

Makeup tips for Baisakhi

Come April and we are inundated with an array of festivals more correctly put the regional New Years celebrated in different parts of India. It is Baisakhi in North India, Bihu in Assam and Poila Boishakh in Bengal. It is basically harvest time and is celebrated by different communities with great deal of music, fun and frolic, dance and of course sumptuous regional food.

Here in North India the vibrancy is celebrated with great zest- happy occasion, an event to look festive, gorgeous and sparkly bright. The makeup too is all cheerful however not tacky or over the top. Here are a few makeup tips that will make you dazzle this Baisakhi


  1. Mineral makeup- Mineral based makeup is what you need to use for your skin. Summers have already made a headway and they are unfriendly as far as makeup is concerned hence it’s good to stick with mineral makeup. It gives you a radiant glow without making it look very cakey, it is light and absorbs oil. The other feature is its sunblock property, just right for the summer.
  2. Shimmery eyeshadow- Pat on shimmery eyeshadow matching your outfit. You could apply glittery gold or silver. To innovate you could also turn this look into a smokey one by combining other colours from your outfit, keeping in spirit with Baisakhi.
  3. Eyeliner or Kajal- Use kohl generously for this festive season adding more drama to your eyes. You could also wing it out from the edges to accentuate it and make the look more sensual.
  4. Lip colour- Bright is the mood for the season hence the lip colour can’t be left behind. You can go with bright reds, corals, plums, fuchsia pink to make a statement. However make sure if your eye makeup is bright, tone down your lip colour and vice versa.

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