Makeup tips for manic monsoons

Makeup tips for manic monsoons

Make up meltdowns are bound to occur with downpour debacles due to the heat, humidity and moisture.

A handy list that would keep you dewy fresh all through the manic monsoons

  1. Gear up before you start- Some extra time to prep up your face during the monsoon can be smart way to start. Ice is your magic potion. This can tame your sweat glands, keep the humidity at bay and allow your make up to sit for much longer.
  2. Trust your primer- This not only acts as a natural shield against debris, or moisture but also becomes your smudge proof superhero!
  3. Matte’s the way to go- Head straight for the matte tints, ultra-matte or dry-finish lip liquids. Tangerine, coral and fuchsia are the colours to sport in this colourless weather
  4. Easy with the waterproof-Lining your eyes with waterproof mascara and liner is the done thing during the rainy season but you need to be wary as the heavy chemical content can ravage the skin and lashes extensively
  5. Paint pots or eye crayon-  Use paint pots or an eye crayon in mute and earthy tones like beiges, pinks, lilacs which will make your eyes look bright and beautiful

None other than our ace make up artist Vidya Tikari adds on by saying:- Use an eyebrow pomade. Its best for the monsoon as it is water resistant. For eye shadow use water resistant paint pots not cream shadows, cream shadows will slip off. Alternatively, it could also be an eye crayon. Moisturiser on the eyelid is a big no a primer can come in handy instead, avoid everything that is creamy or hydrating during the monsoons

Skin specialist and renowned cosmetologist Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj gives out her home remedy for the monsoons. A face pack that’s just right for the monsoons. Blend ½ cup fresh strawberries, mix it with one cup of yougurt and a tablespoon of honey and apply it to your skin for a nourished and hydrated look

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