Rang Barse

Rang Barse

Our celebrated Makeup artist Vidya Tikari has used an array of colours to celebrate the spirit of the festival with Graftobian Aqua Colours. It was a great way to usher in the spring season and prepare for the ever so vibrant festival of colours.

While it seems all enticing to let your hair down, quite literally and go wild with the Holi colours but it’s best to exercise caution both Pre and Post Holi lest one ends up permanently damaging one’s hair and skin forever.

Here are some tips:-

Pre Holi Care

  1. Begin with the set regime of oiling your hair and skin. The oil will not only protect your hair and skin but would also help get rid of the colours easily when you are ready to clean them off
  2. For girls, it may be a good idea to paint your nails in deep and dark shades to keep them safe from Holi colours
  3. Stick to using organic colours as much as you can especially for those who are allergic to artificial colours.
  4. Dry colours can be washed off with cold water if done immediately. This would avoid staining your face
  5. One can also use a cream based foundation to protect your skin from the dry colours applied during Holi

Post Holi Care

  1. Get into a routine of oiling every night to restore the softness of your hair and skin. You can use olive or almond oil
  2. You could also make some homemade hair and skin packs with all natural ingredients and apply them on your hair and skin. Curd is a good way to get back the softness in your hair and skin
  3. Before you bathe, apply warm coconut oil thoroughly and then scrub off the skin colour gently off your skin
  4. Lemon wedges can come in handy. Any part of the body with colour stains should be rubbed with lemon wedges to lighten the stains.
  5. Even dry mango powder is a good remedial product that helps take off colour from your skin

Keep moisturising your skin as and when you can.

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Vidya Tikari

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