Retro hairstyles that are in vogue now

Retro hairstyles that are in vogue now

Retro hairstyles are far from gone. In fact it has made a royal comeback and is here to stay for sometime.  A slight tweak to these vintage hairdos are making a big statements in the fashion circuit and is bringing about a renewed and fresh whiff of energy to the overall look. So here are some of hairstyles that you may want to sport

  1. Scarf tied updo- For the busy-mom-on-the-go look this is one to stick to. It reminds one of the classic ‘Rosie the Riveter’ poster! It looks youthful, adds a dash of fun and perfect for a date out with your girlfriends. Scarves with floral prints, icy minty colours are flavours of the month
  2. Side ponytail with a slight crown- Collect your hair on the side and tie it up into a ponytail. This ruffled beachy look always is a great look to sport. Tease up the crown a bit and add a little fluff to it.
  3. Very short bangs- Akin to Audrey Hepburn in ‘Roman Holiday’. These cropped, short bangs are back making the right noise! This one is for a small or narrow face with a nice long neck. Separate the bangs out and keep them lying on your forehead and some on the sides of your face. You could also secure a part of it with a little cute clip to add a variation to the look.
  4. Rolled back updo- Very European look. Sported way back in the 50s but has made a comeback. Just above the shoulder, the rolls can be pinned on either side of a middle parting (which need not be too precise). The hair tends to look airy, gentle and voluminous.
  5. Finger waves- Marilyn Monore with her dress flipping up over and a hairdo in finger waves was nothing short of flirty and flattering. The chiselled out hair yet so soft and free flowing makes the whole look very enticing.

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