Skin Fixes for the Monsoons

Skin Fixes for the Monsoons

A barrage of skin problems are a part and parcel of monsoons in India. One such hitch being common skin allergies. Allergies can be due to insect bite, bug rashes or pet hypersensitivity. Sometimes even rainwater can provoke itching or allergy. Use an aloe vera gel, calamine lotion or even a home remedy after your daily routine cleansing, to keep these at bay.

Next in line is the problem that most teenagers face- Acne. This is not always due to fluctuating hormones. It could sometimes be climate induced. Moisture and dampness can lead to bacterial growth on the face especially on youngsters. Mineral water sprinklers available in pharmacies are a great way to keep your skin clean and fresh. Despite all efforts if an acne does surface an antibiotic cream or gel must be applied on the blemish without much thought as sometimes the longer you take chances are that the scar would linger.

Your skin care timetable during the monsoons should look something like this:-

  • Avoid oil based products, creams and moisturisers
  • Clean your face as many times as you can in a day
  • Antibacterial face wash and light citrus based cleansers are good for this season
  • Hydration is imperative during this season for a glowing skin so is protecting your skin when you step out in the sun. A coat of the sunscreen that suits your skin is essential.
  • For the face, gel and serums should be preferred over creams in this season
  • Make up has to be minimal and preferably one with a matter finish
  • Oiling of hair can lead to dandruff and other scalp infections as a result use home remedies to retain the moisture in your hair.

Acclaimed makeup artist Vidya Tikari gives us some skin tips for the monsoons. I would suggest anything which doesn’t have added oil in it, why would I want to put on an oily product on the skin which is hot and sweaty? Stick to products that have a smooth velvet finish either in powder form or liquid form (i.e. Oil free)”

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