Slim Your Face With Makeup

Slim Your Face With Makeup

Make up can be a powerful tool in helping your face look slim or it can be a disaster adding unwanted years to your look.

Have you ever noticed celebrities without make up? It’s hard to recognize them. Their makeup and hair really change how their face looks and draws attention to their best features. Some easy transformative make up techniques can take off 10 pounds instantly off your face.

  • Dark colors recede while light colors bring your features forward when it comes to make up. Create an illusion of thinner cheeks by applying a matte bronze contour shade (a shade or two darker than your skin tone) in a diagonal line from the earlobe to the centre of the cheeks. Use highlighter on top of the cheekbones to bring out the contour and make your cheekbones look sharper.
  • Apply bronzer along the jaw line and under the chin as well to hide the double chin. Don’t forget to blend the contour for a softer seamless look.
  • Stick to more natural colors for lips if you have full lips more like tinted lip balms or natural lip colors. Full lips can emphasize on the roundness of the face.
  • Eye brows play a big part in how slim or heavy your face looks. Choosing a right eye brow shape is very important. Balance out a round face by going in for a higher, pronounced arch for the brows.
  • Blend contour shade into the temples as well as the hairline to emphasize the bone structure of the face.
  • Dark circles have a weighty effect on how you look. Conceal your dark circles to make your eyes stand out in a good way rather than stand out because of the dark circles. Your face will automatically look slimmer.

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