Splurge worthy makeup products

Splurge worthy makeup products

It is good to be mindful and frugal while going on a shopping spree for beauty products but one can’t cut corners as far as some essential makeup products are concerned. Investing in good makeup products is well worth every buck and sometimes splurging on these should not send you on a guilt trip. Here is a breakdown on where you should put your money

Good beauty investments

  1. Foundation: Don’t be thrifty with your foundation. Spend generously on a good foundation as that is really your base. Cheap foundation will never make the cut. It will look blotchy or flaky after some time. A good foundation would make your skin glow instantly and uplift your look. It would be super lightweight and have a finish that will blend in with your skin. We would recommend Bobby Brown, Mac, Laura Mercier.
  2. Concealer- A classy concealer will firstly cover up your blemishes and spots seamlessly. The high end ones look totally natural and blend in with your skin tone. Their cheap counterparts can’t do the same job and also lack in variety. We recommend Sephora
  3. Eye shadow- Pricier eyeshadows have better staying power and the quality of pigments are also very good. The pigments are smoother and blend in well. These eyeshadows work well in wet or dry conditions. You can go in for Urban Decay, Tarte, Smashbox
  4. Brushes- Superior quality brushes have to be part of this list. Invest in the brushes you use more often than not-like a foundation, blush and eye shadow brush. Ensure that they are clean at all times. Mac brushes are a good start

Lipstick- Shelling out for lip colours is important. The good quality formulations come in with ingredients that hydrate and condition your lips at all times. So don’t go stingy on your lipstick too. We recommend Bobbi Brown, Mac, Sephora, Lancome

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