Summer meltdowns no more

Summer meltdowns no more

Makeup and meltdowns go hand in hand in summer. It’s that time of the year when wearing makeup can be tricky and at the same time sans makeup look can highlight your imperfections. So here are some tips to swear by this summer and watch out for your makeup lest is lands up into the favourite drinking you are sipping on to!


  1. Prime is prime- To allow your foundation to last longer primer is a must. You need to apply a tiny bit of this product which is light weight, oil free. This has to be applied to a moisturised skin before any foundation or concealer.
  2. Conceal well- Use a pigmented cream formula concealer and use it for coverage of imperfections, be it your dark circles or any other aberrations on the skin and blend it well.
  3. Silicone for the summer- A lightweight silicone based foundation is just what you need for the summer. The silicone checks the foundation soaking into your skin and dripping down your skin, eventually.
  4. Keep it light- It’s a good idea to apply less foundation lest the weather plays havoc. Use a moist sponge to applying minimal foundation and blend it in well with a sponge. Let it rest before you apply some other makeup on it.
  5. Creamy shadows for the eyes- Cream shadows don’t lump up and smudge unlike powdered ones which end up mixing with the sweat.
  6. Waterproof mascara and liquid liner- These are the products that can withstand the sultry heat. A big no kohl pencil or kajal. Waterproof mascara can endure a rough, long and a hot day.
  7. Cream and gel blush- The apples of your cheeks need a cream or gel blush this season. They can be in bright colours but make sure to stick to these textures.
  8. Tint for the lips- A gentle swipe of a tinted lip colour or a balm is just right for this season. No heavy lip colours which could lead to serious meltdowns
  9. No shine- Do away with shine by using a big luscious brush and dust some translucent powder across your T-zone. Dust it in lightly.
  10. Blotting sheets- Instead of constant touch ups in summer, keep these handy as they soak up excess oil without really tampering with your makeup

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Vidya Tikari

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  • Nice blog post. Since i am getting married in this summer so these makeup tips will help me to prepare effectively.

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