Taking Care Of Your Skin And Hair This Winter

Taking Care Of Your Skin And Hair This Winter

It’s that time of the year again where you pull out your winter wear, throw on your boots and enjoy the cool weather. Though sadly for some, it’s that time of the year where your skin is extra dry, your lips are chapped and your hair feels lifeless. Many of us tend to throw on a jacket, some stockings and a hat and try to forget these problems, after all ignorance is bliss.

This winter though, let’s make a change. With the following tips and tricks, we are going to say good bye to dry skin and hair and enjoy the winter. The first step you can take towards eliminating dry skin and lips is one of the most important steps and does not require and creams or home remedies. Have you ever heard the saying “what you eat is what you are?” Well your skin texture does not only depend on external treatments, but also on your diet, which needs to include proper nutritional balance as this rejuvenated the skin from within. Water is also important and you should drink about 3 to 4 liters of water a day. Fruits and vegetables are also good to have during the winter as they contain a lot of water. Primrose syrup or capsules and olive oil are great add-ons to your winter diet as they aid in softening your skin.


  • A great way to keep your body moisturized during the winter is to take a bath instead of a shower and to mix a few drops of olive or grape seed oil in bathwater. Then once you get out of the bath you should apply a moisturizer, preferably one that contains vitamin E, within the first three minutes. This is a great way to lock in moisture.


  • One of the biggest mistakes you can make with chapped lips is licking them, that only makes it drier. You should also avoid biting the skin on the surface of your lips as this can scar your lips. This winter, make sure to keep your lips covered with a good lip balm and should be applied several times during the day. Now, a good lip balm not only keeps your lips hydrated, but should also contain a SPF (15 or 20) to protect your lips from the harmful rays of the sun. Other good ingredients to look out for while buying a lip balm are vitamin E and Shea butter.


  • To keep your hair nourished this winter you should cut down on the number of times you shampoo your hair, seeing as the more you shampoo it, the more natural oils are strip from your scalp; and in turn, strips the natural oils from your hair. You should also avoid using blow dryers and curling irons on your hair. (Add names of hair products for the winter)


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