This New Year Eve look like a perfect glam diva

This New Year Eve look like a perfect glam diva

So the most exciting time of the year is here making its presence felt!

New Year’s evening is around the corner.. and I am sure most of you must be in full preparation mode for having a blast.

Your MAKEUP can play a major role and make you look like a perfect glam diva all set for the party! Along with deciding the right outfit to flaunt at the New Year evening party, dinner or get together, it’s equally important for women to wear the right make up.

Yes.. please pay attention pretty ladies!!!

Here are a few tips I would like to give you all for that ” stary-glittery-night”.

The true sign of good make up is the one that enhances the natural beauty of your face.

Gold & black eyes:

  • Trust me when I say this, this look can never go out of fashion!To do this at home you’ll need shimmery gold and black shadows and a bunch of Q-tips.Start by brushing gold shadow from the inner corners of your eyes to the middle of your lid, taking it up over the brow bone. Apply the black shadow on the other half of your lids, extending it an inch past the outer corners. Use the cotton swabs dipped in makeup remover to clean the edges and create the sharp wing shape. Then with a liner brush, trace the black shadow under your lower lashes. Add a lot of mascara. Complete this look by using a pinky-nude blush and a pretty lipcolour.

Deep berry-red lip:

  • Try giving your  red lips a twist by applying a rich wine shade that will look both modern and sexy.Changes are always good.Don’t forget to clean up the lip line with a small brush dipped in a bit of concealer. This step is very important as It allows you to straighten out uneven spots and get rid of any stains.Also please make sure that your eye brows are well shaped, lashes look feathery, and your skin-fresh!.

Smoky browns and nudes:

  • Colour your lids and lower lashes in shimmery brown eye shadow, line the inner rims on top and bottom with black pencil (remember, there is a little black, but just to define the eyes), and coat lashes with mascara. Let your nude blush and lipstick have a hint of brown as well.

Shimmery blue shadow:

  • And this look will make anyone’s eyes sparkle! Just brush a glitter-flecked blue powder, all over your lids and in the crease, as well as under the lower lashes. Smudge black pencil along the outer corners of your eyes (on both top and bottom), and add a little bit of white highlighter in the inner corners. You can try pairing this look with pink, nude, or caramel coloured lipshades or blushers.

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