Time to clean your makeup brushes

Time to clean your makeup brushes

Don’t shirk cleaning your makeup brushes however basic that may sound. Makeup brushes left unattended will amass oil, dirt and germs. It can also lead to blocked pores and irksome breakouts. Not to mention that this laundry regime is essential for your investment to last longer.


Cleaning makeup brushes is far from a daunting task even if it may appear that way. There are a few things that you would require before you start off:-

  1. A mild cleanser
  2. A shallow bowl with a broad base/ running tap water
  3. Warm water in a sink
  4. Towels
  5. Disinfectant spray

You could begin with dipping the tip of your brush into olive oil which also acts as a cleanser. Just dip in the tip to expel the accumulated makeup while it conditions the bristles.

The next step would to be lather it up with a mild cleanser or a clarifying shampoo. This would help get rid of all the residual makeup stuck to the brushes. Emphasise on the part where the bristles are actually dirty and try to leave out the place where the bristles meet the head as this could make the brush loose it’s adhesive over time.

Rinse the brush under running tap water or in a shallow bowl. Alternatively you could also directly wash it under a sink in some warm water. Review the brushes once done, from the tip till the base, if the brushes are still clogged, repeat the previous step.

When clean, wipe the bristles dry with a clean cloth and rest it across a towel to air dry. Do not dry them vertically up.

Further you could also use disinfectant sprays intermittently between uses. This helps the brush last longer and also help keep your skin super clean and infection free.


Voila you have your brushes ready to glam you up once again!

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