To blade or not to blade

To blade or not to blade

Microblading is a new revolutionary brow technique to achieve natural looking voluminous and fuller brows. It is a permanent form of makeup. It uses delicate lines of tattoo pigments to fill up the eyebrow hair. The pigment is placed on to the dermis or the top layer of the skin. Each hair can be drawn on individually, with the pen tool which gives a higher level of control than a permanent tattoo machine. This creates a subtle and a more natural finish.

The pain is minimal. To avoid it a numbing lotion or local anaesthesia works fairly well and is virtually painless. The needles are very thin and so chances of you jumping out of your seat are next to ‘no’! It is also very hygienic as they are single use needles and the brow area is disinfected beforehand for safe application.

The treatment nearly takes two hours. The first step is to draw the shape of the eyebrow which is the most important step. Thereafter your beauty consultant will have to match the colour of the tattoo with your brow so that it looks totally natural. The hair pattern is customised and an approval is taken from you before starting off the job right away. There is no downtime after microblading. So once you are done to can actually just walk out of the beauty salon but remember to keep the area disinfected and dry, especially when you are taking a shower.

This is a low maintenance beauty procedure but you may need to go back to your therapist just to keep him or her in the loop and also in case you need to fill up a second colour to enhance the shape and element to the overall effect of your newly acquired brow. On an average the results last from 1.5 years to 3 years.

So go ahead and bid farewell to you eyebrow pencil and get this permanent fix for your eyebrows with one less thing to worry about during your makeup regime!

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